Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinder for Hunting

Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinder

Do you need a rifle mounted rangefinder? Rangefinders come in various forms and types. When it comes to aiming and hitting your prey, you must master the art of shooting precisely and accurately. A rifle scope rangefinder assists hunters by quickly aiming and automatically calculating the distance between the shooter and the object or target. … Read more

Best Mounted Crossbow Range finders

Rangefinders are one of the best tools to include in your hunting backpack. A crossbow rangefinder works almost the same way as a standard rangefinder, however, they can be mounted with the crossbow. There are varieties of hunting tools and equipment in the market, and many hunters and hunting enthusiasts, especially beginners encounter problems choosing … Read more

Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

If you’ve set out to purchase a Gen 1-night vision riflescope, finding the one that meets your needs isn’t always easy. Several years ago, the Gen 1 scopes used to be very expensive, but now, they are affordable and accessible to anyone who cares to have one. We’ve rounded up the best gen 1 night … Read more

Best Night Vision Scope Adapter

Best Night Vision Scope Adapter

Night hunting has been simplified and made easy by the invention of night vision scopes. Night vision scopes are designed and best suited for hunters who hunt at night or in low-light conditions. As you know, night hunting is dangerous because any animal may be hiding under the shadow of darkness. You may pull the … Read more

Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting

Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting

Shooting with accuracy is one of the skills a true hunter should have. Thanks to hunting rangefinders, beginners and professional hunters can take precise shots at their targets. Embarking on a hunting adventure without bringing a rangefinder with you may make your trip an unfulfilled one. You are staring at a big log of wood … Read more

Best Night Vision Scopes for Hog Hunting

Best Scopes for Hog Hunting

Hog hunting is an exciting activity. You need a quality night vision scope if you’re ready to hunt for wild hogs. Night vision scopes are essential to take down these nocturnal pigs. Night vision scopes work well for catching all kinds of animals that move at nighttime and are also recommended for coyote hunting. The … Read more

Vortex Optics Impact Ranger 1000 Review

Vortex Impact Ranger 1000

The Vortex Optics Impact 1000 is one of the best rangefinders you can get as a hunter, archer, or bow hunter. The design of this scope, coupled with its features, will make you overlook other scopes in the market. It provides users with angle compensation technology, adequate ranging distances, and standard rangefinding features at an affordable … Read more

Best Night Vision Scopes for Coyote Hunting

What is the best scope for hunting coyotes at night?

As a hunter, you know that most small and big hunting game animals, such as hogs and coyotes, are primarily active at night. Since they are nocturnal creatures, it will be extremely difficult for you to see them during the day. Due to this reason, you may need to get a night vision scope for … Read more