Best Digital Night Vision Scopes

If you lack a digital night vision scope as a hunter, it will be almost impossible to hunt well at night due to a lack of visibility. Most hunters are yet to fix the problem of poor visibility at night as they are hunting without any optical equipment for their night hunting.

You must know that hunting has time and seasons. Some animals are more active in certain periods, such as in the morning or late at night. If the type of animals you want to hunt is very active at night, then getting a night vision scope should be your priority. Many hunters have found night vision scopes useful for taking down prey such as coyotes and hogs.

Digital night scopes come with modern and advanced features that allow them to interact with the user and provide him with high-quality and clear videos and images of their hunting activities. The high magnification alongside the objective lens these scopes offer gives you a clear and vivid picture of happenings far away.

Most scopes provide an IR illuminator, which can help you locate and track the movement of your prey without using any external source of light that can startle or drive the animal away. In this post, we will look at the best digital night vision scopes on the market. So if you plan to get a night vision scope soon, you are advised to read this guide to the end.

Before we discuss the best digital night vision scopes and their features, it’d best to start by knowing how digital night vision technology works.

How Does Digital Night Vision Work?

Digital night vision scopes come with digital image enhancement technology that provides bright and clear visuals. These optical devices come with an objective lens that works by receiving light from a target.

The light is further sent to a CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor. The CMOS sensors in digital night vision scopes aren’t different from the ones in DSLR and digital video cameras; they function in a similar way.  

The data captured in the CMOS sensor is magnified and intensified to a high degree. Large CMOS sensors typically offer high-quality images with high resolution. Newer models of digital night vision scopes record videos in full HD 1080p resolution, which is top quality. After that, the recorded video is sent to an onboard LCD or LED screen. Depending on the model or type of scope, you may find these display options and features.

If your night vision scope has a video recording feature, it will have a slot or port for microSD cards. If you are recording videos with your night vision scope, you will need a microSD card to store the recorded video footage.

Moreover, some models come with advanced features such as ballistic calculators, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and streaming capability. Units with streaming capability allow you to stream live videos to any device you want.

Best Digital Night Vision Scopes

1. TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro Smart Day/Night Scope

ATN is a popular brand renowned for manufacturing high-grade night vision optics and hunting equipment. This OpticGuru scope is one of the best digital night vision scopes in the optic market. It comes with advanced tech features such as an Obsidian 4 dual-core processor and an Ultra HD sensor that will be useful for hunters.

The fast processor and Ultra HD sensor combine to provide sharp optics and high-quality and clear high-resolution images. Irrespective of when it is used, daytime, late evening, or nighttime, this optic provides bright and vivid colors. It features a ballistic calculator that can help you accurately shoot and take down your prey.

The ATN X-Sight-4k Pro offers video recording and streaming capabilities. With the recoil-activated feature, this optic can quickly detect and save the recoil in the SD card.

It offers great image clarity to help you see objects from a far distance without having to squint or strain your eyes. This scope provides great eye relief, thanks to its non-pixelating digital zoom, and you won’t ever have to worry about your eye’s health when using it. Battery consumption is efficient as users can use this scope for 18 hours.

This scope is well-designed and optimized to help hunters precisely shoot their targets by providing helpful features such as temperature, humidity, angles, and range.

  • Fast optics.
  • Ballistic calculator.
  • Enhanced image clarity.
  • Ultra HD sensor.
  • Ultra-low power consumption.
  • Obsidian 4 dual-core processor.
  • Some users aren’t happy with the placement of the power button, which is at the center.

2. Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular

The Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular is an amazing night vision scope with a lens of 40mm and a 4.5x magnification. The lens combined with the 4.5x magnification allows the hunter to shoot distant objects accurately.

It provides pictures and videos n high quality. The videos and pictures captured are in HD resolution, 480 to 640. You can always attach your SD card to save your files if you record videos and images with this scope.

It is water-resistant, which enables you to use it in moist and wet seasons. It features a micro LCD screen coupled with IR-sensitive CMOS sensors that provide a bright, clear view with adjustable colors during the day. It also displays black and grey images to give you a clear, sharp view of your targets at nighttime.

One of the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you get this scope is the battery life, which lasts for a long period after being fully charged. It has a superior infrared illuminator that offers a wide view of over 250 yards. You can use this illuminator feature to adjust the level of the brightness of the device.

This Bushnell night vision monocular is lightweight, making it easy to carry. This Bushnell scope is one of the best Gen 1 Night Vision Scopes available at an affordable and reasonable price.

  • 40mm lens.
  • Superior infrared illuminator.
  • Lightweight design.
  • IR-sensitive CMOS sensor.
  • Waterproof.
  • The settings can’t be adjusted when in use.

3. Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope is a go-to scope for day and night hunting. It is built with an objective lens of 50mm and a magnification of 16x.

If you are the type of hunter who likes adventures, you will be happy to use the high technological features designed in this optic. It features an invisible infrared illuminator that helps you watch and track your target without being noticed. This feature can help you shoot at targets as far as 200 yards.

Furthermore, it has 1920 1080 HD sensors and records videos in HD resolution. In other words, this scope provides top-notch pictures and videos in HD quality. Are you a hunter that likes to capture your hunting moments? If yes, this scope will give you a clear and visible view of your hunting activities.

This Sightmark Wraith riflescope has different modes that can easily be adjusted or changed. The available modes are the classic green color and the black and white colors. Depending on your preference, you may deploy any mode you choose while hunting.

It is designed with a Fix Picatinny mount, which is compatible with most firearms, rifles, and guns. The reticle of the scope is fully customized, as it comes with ten different types and nine color choices.

The AA battery of this scope doesn’t last long, but since it is rechargeable, you can go with a powerbank or purchase extra batteries. Overall, this Sightmark Wraith digital night vision optic gives you a clear detail of your hunting shots for accuracy. It will handle any hunting task thrown at it.

  • Ten reticle types.
  • 16x magnification.
  • Picatinny mount.
  • Invisible IR illuminator.
  • HD sensors of 1920 1080 HD.
  • 50mm objective lens.
  • Not compatible with certain rifles.

4. Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope

Night Owl Optics NightShot is the best option for any hunter looking for high-quality scopes at a budget price. This scope provides you with three different reticle options. Each of the reticles it provides comes in black and white colors. The reticle feature allows you to use this night vision scope in any environment, irrespective of the light conditions in the area.

It has a powerful infrared illuminator captures high-resolution images up to 480 and 640. It provides great visual and image clarity and helps you detect targets over a 200-yard distance.

Regarding the build quality and material of the scope, it is constructed from a sturdy thermoplastic material. The choice of materials used in its construction ensures its durability and long-lasting power.

We noticed that it is easy to carry due to its lightweight design. Despite being lightweight, it is incredibly solid and sturdy. The Night Owl Optics has excellent features like an IR illuminator and adjusted windage and elevation.

It has a flip-up lens cover for storing vital spare parts like the objective lens and infrared illuminator. Storing and keeping these components safe prevent them from suffering damage in bad weather conditions.

Moreover, it comes with a mount, which helps to maintain the balance on the lower area of the bore. The AA batteries inserted in the scope are decent but can be improved.

  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Three reticle options.
  • Sturdy thermoplastic material.
  • Infrared illuminator.
  • Objective lens.
  • Decent battery life.

5. BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

The BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope does a good job of providing users with a clear view of their target. It has a camera that captures a high-resolution image of 3 MP. The camera is fixed at the front of the scope so that you can see the image displayed on the digital screen through the camera.

The BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope offers top-notch clarity to users through the digital screen, infrared illuminator, and telescopic zoom illuminator. This scope can take precise shots at nighttime thanks to the infrared illuminator feature.

The infrared illuminator combined with the telescopic zoom illuminator provides a wide viewing range while hunting in dim and low-light conditions. This optic has an ultrawide display of 5 inches, which gives users a wide and clear view of their game.

Despite coming with advanced features, the Bestsight DIY digital night scope is affordable. It is easy and comfortable to use. The manufacturer gives you an 18-month warranty; you are guaranteed to enjoy the features of this scope.

  • Comfortable to use.
  • 5-inch display screen.
  • Telescopic zoom illuminator.
  • 18-months warranty.
  • Infrared illuminator.
  • It doesn’t come with batteries.

6. Pard NV008 Rifle Scope

The Pard NV008 gives you access to several features you will find in high-end models at an affordable price. If you can’t afford digital night vision scopes that cost thousands of dollars, you should consider purchasing the Pard NV008.

It provides a magnifying power of 6.5 to 12x and helps you locate targets as far as 200 yards. Its IPX7 waterproof rating shows that this scope can handle water and won’t suffer any fault if exposed to water and other liquid substances.

With this optic, there is no need for you to get an external light source because it comes with an infrared illuminator. It has many modes; the night ops mode gives you a black-and-white output, while the day mode option provides the full color.

This optic has several buttons that can be useful in different hunting situations. There are buttons for taking high-resolution pictures of your shots, zooming video, etc. Apart from hunters, this scope can be useful to military officers.

It features a Picatinny rail system, which meets military standards, and a strong battery that lasts up to 8 hours. The battery is less likely to drain quickly using WiFi or the IR illuminator.  

The Paid NV008 comes with a USB port that you can use to transfer videos, pictures, and files to your computer system without compromising their quality. It boasts a Bluetooth feature, enabling you to connect your scope to several devices wirelessly.

This scope is incredibly sturdy and comfortable to use. It gives you an eye reliever of 35mm and eight hours of strong battery life. This scope doesn’t disappoint, and it will do a lot of wonders that will make you not regret using it.

  • Lightweight design (1lb weight).
  • Affordable.
  • Picatinny rail system.
  • Waterproof design.
  • 35mm eye relief.
  • Updated firmware includes 2x zoom.
  • The detection range is only within 200 yards.

Is Digital Night Vision Better Than The Traditional Night Vision Technology?

You may be wondering if there are different types of night vision technology. Night vision technology is of two types; analog and digital. We’ve already explained how digital night vision works, but understanding how the regular or traditional night vision scope works can help you better understand which optic to get.

Analog night vision scope does not come with integrated digital circuitry but uses physical parts to control the incoming light. The objective lens receives light, but instead of transferring it to the CMOS sensor like digital night vision, the light is sent to the image intensifier vacuum tube, which is typically powered by AA batteries.

After then, the tube changes the appearance of the incoming light by transforming it into an electrical signal. It takes out the color data and sends the electrical signal to another part of the vacuum tube known as the microchannel plate. Now, the microchannel plate enlarges the electrical signal before sending it to a phosphor-coated screen like in older television models.

Digital night vision scopes remain the favorite option for most people. The reason why digital scopes are preferred is that they offer better optics and image quality and are available at an affordable price.

What Are The Best Digital Night Vision Scope Brands?

There are several brands manufacturing and selling different night vision scopes. Some of these companies have been around for decades, and new companies are springing up and making a name for themselves in the digital night vision scope industry.

The following are some of the best brands in the digital night vision space:

1. ATN

ATN was established in 1995, and since then, they have remained one of the leading manufacturers of night vision scopes, thermal scopes, and other optics. Over time, they have developed smart and advanced optics that provide vivid image quality and accuracy and record high-resolution videos in 4K.

ATN’s state-of-the-art optics are mostly used by professionals and expert hunters who wouldn’t mind spending big to upgrade their hunting gear.

2. Bushnell

Bushnell is a reliable manufacturer of hunting scopes, telescopes, monoculars, binoculars, and other night vision equipment. The Kansas-based company has made spotting and hunting scopes available to people at affordable prices.

3. AGM

AGM is a big name in the night vision and thermal imaging industry. Their products are trusted and commonly used by many professionals. They make varieties of tools, including rifle scopes, lasers, monoculars, binoculars, clip-ons, and spotting and hunting equipment.

In this post, we featured some of the best digital night vision scopes from AGM. On their official store, you can find different electro-optical product models.

4. Steiner Optik

Steiner is a subsidiary of the Beretta Group of Companies based in Bayreuth, Bavaria. They are one of the pioneers in the optics and hunting industry.

They have been manufacturing and building hunting products for more than a decade. They have developed some of the best rifle scopes, optical tools, military-grade binoculars, and monoculars for hunting and shooting, etc.

Steiner also makes spotting monoculars for bird-watching, shooting, marine navigation, and hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are digital night vision scopes good?

Digital night vision scopes are great tools for any activity, such as hunting, sighting, or spotting. They are cheaper to get, and they offer numerous benefits, such as great image quality, durable construction, and come with smart features.

What is the difference between a thermal scope and a night vision scope?

Thermal scopes are usually used to detect a target, whereas night vision is used for tracking and easy identification of a target.


If you consider adding a night vision scope to the tools you already own, you are doing yourself a great favor. When choosing a digital night vision scope, pick a model that gives you only the features you need for your night hunts.

In this post, we discussed some of the best digital night vision scopes. You can go through the reviews and pick from our recommendations.

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