Best Night Vision Scopes for Coyote Hunting

As a hunter, you know that most small and big hunting game animals, such as hogs and coyotes, are primarily active at night. Since they are nocturnal creatures, it will be extremely difficult for you to see them during the day. Due to this reason, you may need to get a night vision scope for coyote hunting.

Even if you are not a hunter, you may never know when these animals may strike or come close to your farm or house. If you are raising livestock and other domestic animals, coyotes can be the biggest predators of your pets and animals. You can easily hunt down these pests with the proper scope and keep your livestock safe.

To take down coyotes, you may do some night shooting. I understand you want to invest in a night vision scope for hunting. However, you may be confused about what night vision scope and hunting gear to take along with you. I have selected seven of the best night vision scopes for coyote hunting to solve this problem and reviewed them in this post.

Top 5 Best Night Vision Scopes For Coyote Hunting (Quick Comparision)

 Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope– Lightweight for night hunting.
– Shooting range of 100-200 yards.
– Great vision at night times.
– Strong battery life.
 theOpticGuru Night Scope– Indefatigable 18-hour battery life.
– Compatible with large rifles and weapons.
– Nighttime and daytime mode.
– Two magnification ranges.
 Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope– Records and captures in HD.
– Decent battery life.
– Nighttime and daytime mode.
– Gives clearer vision at night to hunt down nocturnal animals.
 Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope– Records and captures images in great quality.
– Comes with a 5″ screen.
– Nighttime and daytime mode.
– Super night vision.
 ATN X-Sight-4k Rifle Scope– Low-light 4K sensor.
– Dual-core processor.
– Top-notch quality.
– Powerful 22-hour battery life.

Best Night Vision Scope For Coyote Hunting

Below is a comprehensive and in-depth review of the best night vision scopes for coyote hunting.

1. Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is one of the best night vision scopes for coyote hunting on the market. It is loaded with the best features, which makes it hard for other devices to beat this riflescope.

It is not only a night vision scope but also the feature of switching to a daytime mode. So, you can use it to see animals several yards away in complete darkness and also use it during the daytime. Furthermore, it can record and capture photographs in High Definition (HD).

It has five different weapon profiles that you can use to prevent re-zeroing your scope when changing weapons or calibers. However, buyers should know that it has a second focal plane reticle and a shorter battery life, lasting 4.5 hours. Another con is the smaller field of view, but asides from all these, it’s a great night vision scope to try out.

2. Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope

This scope may be the perfect device for you if you are searching for a good bang for the buck. The Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope is lightweight and weatherproof. It has plenty of features, such as an IR mode and two different reticle styles and colors. Additionally, it features a polymer and thermoplastic construction and is very easy to operate.

It is available for a reasonable price, so you will get lots of excellent features at an affordable price. Notably, this is an affordable scope with top-notch night vision. This optical device is created for shooters and hunting enthusiasts who prefer to hunt in the dark at certain distances. It gives you a shooting range of 100-200 yards in the nighttime.

However, this scope cannot handle rounds above 30 calibers, and the battery life lasts around 4 to 7 hours. Notwithstanding, it is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and inexpensive cope for you to use.

3. theOpticGuru Night Scope

After testing and reviewing many night vision scopes, we discovered that TheOpticGuru Night Scope is an excellent choice for coyote hunting. First, it has a daytime and nighttime mode and two different magnification range for you to choose from. What makes it even better is the amazing 18-hour battery life that allows you to record and stream simultaneously.

Moreover, it uses a recoil-activated video, so you don’t have to record lengthy hours of video while waiting to get your first shot. Also, you don’t have to worry about wasting time turning on the video recording or risking missing your shot.

Although this scope is on the high side, it is still affordable for anyone serious about coyote hunting. It is a large scope, so if you use a smaller weapon, you might experience problems mounting and using this device.

4. Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

The Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope is the best night vision scope for coyote hunting for the money. It is incredibly affordable and is compatible with any traditional scope. Why are you looking for the best night vision scope when you can convert your current scope to a reliable night vision option? This is what the Bestsight DIY Night Vision Scope does for you.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t have to look through the scope like other traditional scopes. Instead, you are given a 5″ screen to look through and take down your target. You can record and take pictures through the screen.

Lastly, it has a daytime and nighttime mode and is very easy to use. It can be assembled quickly, and you can also remove it from your rifle with ease. If you have not used a night vision scope before, this device will help you get used to it faster.

5. theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope

Although the ATN Thermal Rifle Scope is a bit costly, it contains all the features you look for in a night vision scope. To start with, it features a thermal night vision design. Also, it provides you with five different magnification options to choose from. This makes it an excellent night vision scope for hunting coyotes and other nocturnal animals.

Even if the animal you are hunting hides in vegetation, this device will help you uncover it. When you are making use of thermal technology, there is no such thing as hiding or camouflage. The animal will be revealed, and it will shine like a beacon. This makes it relatively easy for you to track and take down the animal.

Better still, this night vision scope has a 10-hour battery life and is easy to zero, so it is one of the best hunting gear you should consider having. If you intend to get the ATN Thermal Rifle Scope, remember that it doesn’t come with any photo or video capabilities. But this device will not be a bad option if you are passionate about hunting coyotes.

6. Digital Night Vision Scope

The Digital Night Vision Scope is an excellent tool for outdoor day and night hunting. This scope is created for hunting enthusiasts who want better visual clarity in the dark. It can be used directly or combined with your existing scope.

It has a great battery life and can be used for 4 hours in night infrared mode and 10 hours in normal mode. It is ergonomically designed and convenient to use. The lightweight design makes it easy for users to carry. This scope is easy to mount or assemble. It can fit into any 35 – 48 mm mount ring.  It boasts a large 3.1-inch LCD screen, which gives you an expansive 300ft viewing range.

Apart from being easy to set up, another benefit of this gear is that it gives you high-quality images. If you are a beginner or a hunting enthusiast, you will enjoy using this scope.

7. ATN X-Sight-4k Rifle Scope

The X-Sight 4K PRO is one of the best night vision scopes you wish to have. It boasts a classic ergonomic design and a wide field of view. It is equipped with a dual-core processor alongside a low-light 4k sensor. Compared with other night vision scopes, it stands out and beats the competition thanks to its excellent image quality and performance.

While the X-Sight 4K PRO looks like a traditional optic, it is loaded with modern features. For instance, it is equipped with a built-in ballistics calculator that allows you to set up to 6 profiles. This scope will not give you any pixelations when you zoom in.

Additionally, it calculates its ballistic specifications that consider multiple-weapon profiles, angle, range, humidity, wind, temperature, and more. It allows you to record and stream videos on your smartphone and other mobile devices. You can easily mount this scope of any weapon with 30 mm standard mount rings and still retain zero.

What more can you expect from this scope? It comes with a sturdy battery that lasts up to 22 hours of continuous use. This scope will help you get any hidden animal or prey in total darkness if you are an avid hunter. In the end, it is not only an excellent scope for hunting coyotes, but it does a good job of spotting them.

How To Choose The Best Night Vision Scope For Coyote Hunting (Buyer’s Guide)

What is a good thermal scope for coyote hunting?

If you have never purchased a night vision scope or want more information before buying, this buyer’s guide will walk you through it.


This scope design is the first thing your eyes see before purchasing. Some factors you need to consider include – design, color, weight, size, mounting flexibility, and cutting-edge technology. An ergonomic and lightweight night vision scope will be suitable for shooting enthusiasts.

The usability of the scope, its ability to fit a standard mount, and its balance between weight/size and optical clarity should be your priority.

Battery Life

Have it in mind that night vision scopes rely solely upon battery power to provide you with optical clarity even amid the darkness. Therefore, the battery life of a night vision scope is very important.

The scope’s battery life plays a crucial role in your hunting success. Depending on the battery’s power, you can depend on it for long hours without replacing or changing the batteries. It is imperative that you get a scope with stable and longer battery life.

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Brightness Setting

An optic should have a mix of brightness and a wide field of view to be considered among the best night vision scopes.  Using a scope with poor vision can expose you to eye problems. 

A wide field of view, good magnification, and brightness adjustment settings are some features you should look for in every night vision scope.

The brightness settings make things appear more precise. Right now, digital night vision scopes offer settings with incremental brightness adjustment, which allows shooters to get acquainted with their surrounding environment quickly.


If you are an avid night hunter or intend to hunt for a long time, you need a compact and lightweight scope. You may not feel at ease, and your body will get fatigued should you carry heavy scopes all through the night.

To start with, most rifles used by hunters are heavy, so adding extra pounds to them may not be a good idea. If you are looking for lightweight and optic material, buying the Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope won’t be the wrong choice.

Clarity at Long Ranges

best night visions scopes for hunting coyote

Typically, every scope’s clarity is sharp at mid or short-range shooting. However, the same cannot be said in the long range. A scope with a wide range of fields of view will help you make precise and accurate shooting. To get optics with crisp and crystal-clear clicks, see our Bushnell Engage reviews. You can see this article on how to sight in a thermal scope.

Eyepiece Adjustment

Having generous eye relief for a night vision scope is excellent. However, having an eyepiece adjustment setting is another thing altogether. Adjusting your scope is a simple task that wouldn’t be cumbersome, especially when you are in the dark hunting for nocturnal creatures.

If you want to learn the best way to hunt coyotes, the ability to see the whole field using the scope should be one of the things to look out for.

All the following features above should be determined before buying a night vision scope. 


If you have been hunting in the field for a long time, you may already have your favorite optic in mind. However, new shooters and enthusiasts may find it a bit overwhelming when picking the proper scope. Luckily, we have given you a detailed review and buying guide to help you pick the right gear.

As a hunter, ideally, I understand what you need, and I will do my best to help you get the best night vision scope to hunt coyotes. Our picks and recommendations were based on various factors, including their magnification, weight & size, night/day range, battery capacity, recoil rate, IR illuminator wavelength, etc.

We hope this article will help you make an informed decision in choosing the best night vision scope for coyote and hog hunting.

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