Best RangeFinder App For Hunting, Shooting and Golf (Android & iOS)

A rangefinder app can offer you some help in some situations. Whether you want to take a picture of your target or accurately calculate the distance from your target, using a rangefinder app makes it easier. In this article, we will discuss the best rangefinder apps to use.

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds, and we now have smartphone rangefinder applications. These mobile apps can act as a substitute for any rangefinder. If you are exploring the possibilities of turning your phone into a hunting tool, all you need is your mobile phone and the app.

Your phone is a handy device for communication and interaction, but it can also be useful for hunting and shooting activities.

You may doubt the possibility of this since your phone doesn’t use lasers to measure distances. Well, your smartphone uses advanced technology to pinpoint the exact distance of your target. It achieves this by using your phone’s GPS feature and camera to measure your target’s location and distance precisely.

That said, it is important to note that no rangefinder app can effectively substitute or replace a hunting rangefinder. If you have enough resources for a rangefinder, consider picking from our list of best hunting rangefinders.

Some rangefinder apps come with modern technology and can save records of previously visited hunting or shooting terrains, so you do not have to go through the cumbersome process of re-entering the data. Plus, they are free, so it may make sense to consider them.

Best Rangefinder Apps For Hunting

Best RangeFinder Hunting App

Some of the apps mentioned in this article can be used for different purposes, including golf, shooting, and hunting.

1. Range Finder for Deer Hunting

  • Operating System: iOS (iPhone and iPad devices)

This rangefinder application is only available on the Apple store and can be downloaded for use on the iPhone. One of the impressive features of this app is that you can use it to take photos. It also provides you with options to choose metric units.

This app helps you measure the location of targets 40 to 60 yards away. It makes bowhunting, shooting, and archery an enjoyable activity. Looking at its features, you can tell that this is the best iPhone rangefinder app.

However, this app is paid, so you must pay to use it on your iPhone. It provides accurate measurements, and the image quality is decent. The drawback is that it is not free to use, and some newer models of the iPhone 6 version do not support the app.

2. Hunting Rangefinder App

  • Operating System: Only on Android devices.

This is one of the best rangefinder apps for Android devices. One of the standout features of this app is that it utilizes Google Maps to give you the exact spot and distance of your prey or target. Unlike other rangefinder apps, you get to see the distance rings, which will help you estimate the distance on your own.

Furthermore, it is available on any Android phone and is free to install from the Google Play Store. Since this is an Android app, it means iPhone users can’t use it. This Android rangefinder app offers several modes, including two points, to stalk, rifle, and archery.

The way this application functions is different from the conventional ways of measuring the range. Although it comes with helpful features like Google maps and distance circles, you don’t have to put all your hopes on it.

Depending on your network connection and signal strength, Google maps may take some time to load up data, and if it takes a lot of time, you can potentially miss out on your target.

3. MMO Rangefinder

The MMO Rangefinder is the first rangefinder app in this list to support Android and iOS devices, so if you own an Android or iPhone, you can install the app on both devices. This app accurately measures targets over a range of 100 meters.

Impressively, it also uses sound to detect and determine the distance of your target from your location. The use of sound to calculate distance is an advanced method of locating hidden targets. The use of sounds may seem too complex and difficult for most users; thankfully, it comes with a user manual that details every problem you may encounter while using the app.

The MMO Rangefinder also features the GPS feature to help you calculate the distance over longer ranges. Other features you will find on the app include maps, a radar button, and a direction indicator compass. The only con is that you may take some time to get acquainted with how to use the app.

4. Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

  • Operating System: iOS (iPhone and iPad devices)

This is a great rangefinder app for bow hunting. If you are a bowhunter, it will make a lot of sense for you to try out this app. This rangefinder application can accurately range a target 40 yards away from your location, but you may lose some accuracy if you try to range above that.

As the name suggests, this app is great for deer hunting. It is easy to use; the app gives instructions to follow, which will be beneficial if you haven’t used a rangefinder application before. If the height slider, for instance, isn’t in the right settings, you may not get the right results from the app, so it’s always recommended to follow its instructions.

It also tells you the distance of your target for you to take the perfect shot. It can also request you to point the crosshairs at the base. If you want to take down a deer, you will get better accuracy when you point it at the foot of your prey.

This rangefinder app is only available for iOS devices, which is sad news for Android users.

5. ZEISS Hunting

The ZEISS Hunting app is, perhaps, one of the most popular rangefinder apps for shooting and hunting. This app provides professional shooters and hunters with accurate information to help them do the job on the field.

Aside from its accuracy, it offers several smart and innovative features to help you shoot accurately. First on the list is the ballistic calculator. With this feature, you should be able to calibrate appropriately and take the perfect shot by calculating several variables, including angle, height, and distance.

Another benefit of this app is that it provides social features for sharing your hunting experiences with your friends and community. If you own a Zeiss riflescope, then consider using this app because it is compatible with your device. This app further gives you a hunting diary to keep a record of your shooting adventures.

6. HuntStand

HuntStand gives you all the features needed for your shooting needs. Common features in this include mapping, tracking, weather forecast, and social sharing features. Considering its many downloads, you can easily tell it is a popular choice.

One of the unique features of this app that is hardly seen in other apps is the option to edit the app. It also has a find friends feature that lets you find friends and join areas for group hunting. While hunting or doing any shooting activity, you can use the edited map offline. Let’s say there were changes to the hunting terrain; your edited or customized map can become handy in such situations. You can also print the map generated by the HuntStand app in HD quality.

The Huntstand app comes in two versions: free and pro. You can choose whichever version, based on your needs and budget. As expected, the pro version has more benefits than the free versions, as it comes with better tips to take your shooting to the next level and doesn’t fill your screen with annoying ads.

Overall, you should expect a lot from this app because it provides various tips and techniques to shoot and hunt. The GPS and the in-built map give you accurate readings and measurements.

7. Smart Distance

  • Operating System: Android only.

This app is great for professional hunters as it measures the distance between you and your prey using your phone’s camera. It can measure close distances of 10 meters and large distances of over a thousand (1000) meters.

If you are unsure of height, do a quick search on Google to know the height, and then obtain the measurements. Like most shooting and hunting apps, it has a free and a premium version. The free version comes with some ads, which may be disturbing and annoying, but that is avoided when you purchase the Pro version.

Moreover, the premium version also comes with helpful features like camera zoom and speed gun. The camera zoom feature allows you to enlarge the image of your target to have a clearer view, while the speed gun helps you calculate the speed of a target trying to escape.

If you want to enjoy this app’s full features and experience, you should consider getting the paid version.

8. Range finder tool

  • Operating System: iOS only.

The features of this rangefinder app are truly intriguing. It is capable of calculating distances accurately. Besides it also measures height, angle, and width using augmented reality.

It offers users an inclinometer and a compass to use for their hunting and shooting adventures. The compass provides you with waypoints, azimuth, moon, and sunrises. It gives you up to eight unique sniper scopes to calculate the distance and height of several targets in your line of sight.

This rangefinder app gives you a 3D camera with augmented reality to see objects, waypoints, heights, and distances in 3D.

In a situation where you need to measure the accurate distance of two specific targets on the map, all you need to do is tap both points with the tip of your finger and then calculate the distance.

The app lets you edit your waypoint with various icons and audio and then track the waypoint using a compass.  Overall, the app is simple to use and will be great for new and expert hunters. The drawback is that it doesn’t support many languages and is only available on iOS.

9. Rangefinder

  • Operating System: iOS only.

This app uses your phone’s camera to measure the distance between you and your target. Some of the interesting features of this app include measurement quality indicators, vibration alarms, fine calibration, and bubble levels.

This app offers up to 5x zoom to clearly pick your target. You can use the zoom feature to zero in on potential targets.

To get accurate distance measurements of visible targets with this app, all that is required is to hold your phone firmly in your hands and place it on one knee, with the target in front. Then tap the image of the target shown on the screen display to lock it in. And that’s it!

Since the app is exclusively designed for iOS users, it will only work on the iPhone. The app isn’t free but is affordable. You should stay firm and steadier when measuring the distance with this app. Shaking your phone or hands during the process may interrupt the process. Therefore, keep your composure and ensure your phone, hand, and knee stay stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best RangeFinder App For Hunting, Shooting and Golf

What is the best rangefinder hunting app to use?

Any of these apps can be the best rangefinder app, depending on your preferences and needs. If you are looking for a good app for hunting deer, you can use the rangefinder for deer hunting app because it is designed for it. That said, find an app compatible with your smartphone and hunting devices.

Why do I need a rangefinder app?

If you are low on budget or financial resources, using a rangefinder app can save you the money to invest in a hunting rangefinder.

Ideally, these hunting rangefinder apps are free to download on Apple Store or Google Play Store. They can improve and sharpen your hunting skills and help you take down targets without investing in an expensive rangefinder.

Do rangefinder apps provide accurate results?

As mentioned, these apps aren’t viable substitutes for hunting rangefinders and will not provide optimal results compared to laser rangefinders. For instance, these apps may not be suitable for long-range hunting, so you should get a long-range hunting rangefinder if you will be shooting over long distances.

Though these apps are cost-effective, consider buying a cheap rangefinder or scope that fits your budget if you want to take your hunting journey seriously.


Rangefinder apps typically offer many benefits for archers, shooters, and hunting since they are readily available at your fingertips. Remember that these apps have their benefits as well as their disadvantages, so consider testing the app well.

As mentioned, using a rangefinder app should not replace the need for a hunting rangefinder. Rangefinder apps are suitable for beginners. However, these mobile apps may lack advanced features like angle compensation, ballistic calculator, weather-proof, digital signal processing, AMR technology, and many others.

In case you forget or misplace your hunting rangefinder during one of your hunting adventures, you can quickly go to the store to download a rangefinder app, should you need one. Just follow the instructions provided by the app, and you should be fine.

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